Did you know that perfumes are categorized by both fragrance concentration and scent? No wonder, we will have a bunch of names and categories, and yes, there are some amazing brands that sell the best cologne for college guys and youngsters. In this post, we will talk of the perfume choices and how you can buy one.

Understanding the types

Essentially, fragrance concentration is something that defines the listing. Parfum, for instance, contains about 15-30% of fragrance, after which there is Eau de Parfum, which contains about 20% of fragrance on an average. However, what most of us buy is either Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne, which can have varying concentration of the fragrance, but mind the fact that colognes are not priced based on the concentration alone. Eau Fraiche and body mist are other choices.

Find your best

You need a good cologne – period. As a young man, you already know that it’s important to smell good. Fragrance is the most valuable part of your style, because it is not visible but makes an instant impact. Keep in mind that there are special scents that have been created just for men, and there are many things that determine if the perfume or cologne is right for you. Firstly, it should match your personal taste. Something you don’t like spraying isn’t the best choice for your closet, at least when you are trying to impress. It may take a while to experiment and find a cologne or scent that you like, and it’s important to experiment. Secondly, the brand does make a difference. Usher, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Loris Azzaro, Nautica, and Jean Paul Gaultier have some really good choices.

Get something special

There’s a reason why those high-end designer brands have such expensive and in-demand colognes. These fragrances are designed for men after many considerations, and there are celebs and experts who give their inputs in creating each product. If you are trying to find the best cologne for teenage guys, it is important to check the reviews, find more about the scent type, and try some of the best-rated ones.

While there is no denying that perfume scents are a matter of personal choice, going by the popular opinion doesn’t hurt for sure. The good thing is you can buy most of the better colognes online, so you don’t really need to hunt the exclusive stores. Check now and talk up a few for your closet – women love men who smell good.