These days, men have a lot of ways to express their personal style through their dress shirts. With traditional collars being reborn and mixed with the best modern versions, there is surely something for everyone. Because of the many options available, men can extend their choice beyond their preferred color and pattern. However, choosing the appropriate collar for daily wear or special events can be confusing. Whether you are looking for men’s shirt collars or womens shirt collars, the following are some of your options:

Spread or Cutaway Collar

This collar has the spread wide apart, which can be regular cutaway or extreme cutaway. It suits best to formal occasions and worn with a big knot tie. But, it can also be worn with smaller knot ties for occasions that are not too formal.

Straight or Forward Point Collar

This is the most balanced type of shirt collar that suits both formal and casual attire. These collars are cut using straight lines that end in a point. They are distinguished by their small spread. Straight point collars are associated with the conventional men’s dress shirt. They tend to work well with the majority of lapel styles.

Wing Tip Collar

This collar is meant to house your bow time. This is the most formal collar often worn with a tuxedo. It features two small wings at the front. Usually, wing collar shirting comes in crisp white, cotton poplin for black tie events.

Button-Down Collar

This collar is attached directly to the shirt fabric through a couple of small buttons. It is the least formal of the collar types. You can wear this collar with or without a tie for more casual events. Think about wearing a button-down collar sans tie and allow your shirt to remain unbuttoned to the top.

Tab Collar

This type of collar is the shorter version of the straight point collar. It is designed to promote the tie knot. Thus, it should be worn with a woven medium width tie in light cotton or silk. With this style, you should not go tieless.

Club or Rounded Collar

Although rare, the rounded collar is still a classic style. They are perfect with a small tie and a metallic pin which lays horizontal across the spread to connect the two points. If you want the club collar, have your shirt doe up to the neck’s top and without a tie.