Moving into your first home is without doubt one of the most exciting life events you will ever experience. After a long time saving for the deposit or borrowing money from friends, family and the bank, it is almost a relief to get the keys and move in with all your worldly possessions, but at this stage, the work has just begun! In order to make your new home habitable and as comfortable as possible, you will need to furnish it. Although you can furnish a home very cheaply, the chances are it will look cheap and perhaps not last as long as you’d hope, for this reason it makes good sense to spend more if at all possible.

Please see below for some essentials you will need before you can actually move in properly, listed in order of importance:

  • Bed
  • Cooker
  • Table and Chairs
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Fans

The above list is by no means all you need, as you also need other things before you can actually get comfortable! If you have the bed in place the next thing you need is bedding, why not check out Tencel Lyocell sheets at They have a wide selection of sheets and other bedding that could really make your new house a home! Quality of sleep is important if we are to function properly as productive humans and a comfortable bed and bedding are essential prerequisites to this! Of course, you will also need wardrobes and other bedroom furniture ASAP, but if you have the bed and bedding you can actually move in!

Tackling the Kitchen

Although most developers nowadays include a basic kitchen in their new builds, you will probably still have to buy the white goods. A cooker and fridge are the two must essential appliances you need and should be firmly at the top of your shopping list. A kitchen table and a couple chairs will be close behind, if you can’t get the cooker immediately, a microwave oven may serve at a temporary measure.

The Living Room

We all need a place to relax in the evening before we go to bed, and for most people that is the living room. As a bare minimum, you need some comfortable chairs and a TV closely followed by carpeting or tiling, in an ideal world the floor will have been laid before you actually buy the chairs.

Other Essentials

For many people today, the internet is an essential. For work or leisure this technological innovation is a mainstay of our lives, so an internet connection is something you need to get sorted before you move into the property.

I hope this blog has given you a few ideas of the essentials you need before you move into your new house and if you have to really prioritise for the first household purchase, I recommend opting for the bed and bedding! Sweet Dreams!