Choosing the correct size of a Name Necklace or chain can determine that a purchase or gift is a success or a failure. Imagine that after hesitating a long time between choosing one or another pendant, you have decided on a model that you love, comes the final, most important choice:

What size chain or necklace should I choose? And most importantly, what is the best measure for me or for the person I want to give it to?

This decision will depend on the person who takes him to feel comfortable with him and therefore, to use it more often. And there are several factors to consider and I will try here to explain the details that may be important and that you may not have known.

To begin with there are several usual measures of chains and depending on their length are located in one place or another neck and neckline.

All these measures of length are without the closure since normally, this is not taken into account at the time of taking the measurement.

Let’s say that these are the safe methods for the choice to be correct.

The variables that you must keep in mind


If you are a tall person, any measure can be good, although I recommend not using the shorter ones. They could be exaggeratedly fair in your body. You’re in luck if you’re of medium size because they can all look good on you. And if you are rather short, you will favour those that are located in the clavicle or just below.


The necklaces soften and visually shorten the long and thin collars which can help you if this is your neck type. On the other hand, if you have a short or wide neck you should use larger measures (50 cm, for example) that lengthen and stylize it.

Size of the body

Here we must take into account, above all, that if the volume of the body is voluminous, it will be necessary to flee from short measures. But if what you have bulky is the chest, you should not use measures of more than 45cm. In that case the Name Necklace or pendant could fall in the middle of the neckline and surely you will not like it.

Shape of the face

When the face is oval, all measures feel good. If the face is round, avoid the necklace and try to make the necklace V-shaped. This will make the shape of the face look longer. For elongated faces or with pointed chin, the chokers are the best option because it softens the features.